Ετοιμα κυκλωματα - BOOSTER STEP UP 4A XL6009
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Ετοιμα κυκλωματα

  • In-: Input negative
  • Out+: Output positive
  • Out-: Output negative
  • Size: 43x21x14mm
  • Input Voltage: 3-32V(5-32 is recommanded)
  • Output Voltage: 5-35V(Adjustable)
  • NOTICE: The voltage input should be 1.5V higher than output
  • Intput Current: <4A
  • No-load Current: 18mA(The higher voltage, the higher no-load current.)
  • Load Regulation: ±0.5%
  • Voltage Regulation: ±0.5%
  • Conversion efficiency up to 94%
  • ON-OFF Frequency: 400KHz
  • Output Ripple: 50mV(The higher voltage, the higher current, the higher ripple.)
  • Working Temperature: -40~+85°C(When the temperature is higher than 40°C, pls reduce power or enhance heat dissipation to use it.)

(manufacturer oem)  arda103

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