Ετοιμα κυκλωματα - KY008 LASER MODULE
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Ετοιμα κυκλωματα

  • Dot laser
  • Operating voltage 5V
  • Power 5Mw
  • Wavelength 650n m
  • OD 6mm
  • 1 This 5V laser head very easy to use,  do controllable laser pointer, theft detection, etc. interesting application devices.
  • (2) Whenever the laser can not point to themselves or others eyes, even if the case is closed the laser will have to open the possibility of error.
  • 3, the laser is not a toy, do not give children, mental insufficiency, for people who do not understand the use of the laser characteristics, in this case, can easily lead to injury.
  • 4, the use of lasers should wear special goggles, for the invisible laser, this point is particularly important.
  • 5, the laser can not shine in vehicles, aircraft and other transport vehicles someone.

(manufacturer oem) ardb021

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