Ετοιμα κυκλωματα - SENSOR SHIELD 5V v5.0
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Ετοιμα κυκλωματα

Sensor Shield  (Version 5X) Separate 5V for Servos.
This shield board plugs on top of an Arduino and makes it easy to connect to all the Digital Inputs and Outputs and the Analog Inputs.  It also makes it easy to connect to relays, LEDs etc. 

The 5X Version has the ability to optionally separate the 5V supply going to all the 3-pin connectors and feed them from a separate external power supply. This is ideal for running lots of Servos or other power devices.

3 pins are available for each port, Voltage, Ground and Signal. There is also a  Reset button.

(manufacturer oem) arda030

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