Nano V3.0 FT232

Arduino - Nano V3.0 FT232
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Τύπου arduino

Industrial version of the well-known NANO V3. While still based on an ATmega328, it features a more powerful voltage regulator (up to 800mA) and a USB Type B socket. Also this board brings a user-selectable logic level (3.3V/5V). More robust, more reliable and suited for industrial applications!

It is fully compatible with our classical Nano, also offering additional Analog ports (A6, A7). To reduce the size, components are mounted on both sides of the PCB. The board uses a CH340C UART-USB converter.

NANO V3 can be powered via microUSB-port (up to 500mA) or via an external power supply (6-9V, up to 12V input with sufficient cooling).

(manufacturer oem)   arda007


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