UNO-R3 v CH340

Arduino - UNO-R3 v CH340
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Έτοιμο κύκλωμα τύπου ARDUINO

Uno R3 - compatible with Arduino Uno R3 board. Built on the Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller and USB-UART interface chip CH340G.
Board for functionality similar to the Arduino Uno (ATmega 168/328). It is a budget, but the same stable, and uses the original chips Atmel ATmega (16 MHz).
The board used the chip CH340G as converter UART-USB. Chip CH340G - is a budget solution. When you work in the frequency 12Mhz, giving a stable result of data exchange (need install drivers to computer).
Uno R3 - connects to the computer via micro USB cable (used for almost all Android smartphones).

You can supply power to board through the Micro USB connector or DC-jack. The voltage regulator (LDO) can deal with incoming voltage from 6V to 12V DC. Output current for 5V - about 800mA, for 3.3V - about 180mA (Please note that the higher the input voltage the lower the outgoing current). That will provide a reliable power most of your initial projects.

(manufacturer oem)   arda003

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